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Now, more than ever, real estate professionals in Boca Raton are encouraging home buyers to invest in a professional home inspection before purchasing a image-soldproperty. The reason is simple – a quality real estate inspection is to the advantage of everyone involved in a transaction.  Buyers learn about the property up front and can proceed with greater confidence and peace of mind.  Additionally, a growing number of agents are even suggesting pre-listing inspections to sellers.   Sellers who’ve had a pre-listing inspection may even sell their homes more quickly and with fewer surprises.  Finally, real estate professionals enjoy more efficient transactions with less chance for unpleasant and potentially costly post-closing problems.  We’ve been proud to partner with our friends in the South Florida real estate community for years.  See how we can help below.

Less Buyer Discomfort

Whether the property your client is considering is old or new, our professional inspectors help provide peace of mind that the home is live-in ready.

Professional Image And Credibility

A professional AmeriSpec home inspection report helps lend credibility and stature to the image of the real estate professional. It can tell customers that the firm and its sales associates are working in the best interests of both the buyer and seller.

Less Negotiation

Prior acknowledgement of any defects that are already reflected in the sales price may often leave buyers with fewer objections.

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  • +If I refer AmeriSpec to a customer, am I liable?
    AmeriSpec inspectors carry extensive Errors and Omissions insurance and General Liability insurance, and we offer negligent referral coverage to help protect real estate professionals in the event a claim is brought against them for recommending AmeriSpec. Real estate agents must have a written agreement with AmeriSpec in order to qualify for coverage, along with their own Errors & Omissions policy. See additional insured certificate for more details on coverage, or contact your local AmeriSpec inspector.

  • +How many items are inspected?
    Over 400 items are inspected including the foundation, roof, and structural components, plus the visible electrical, plumbing, and mechanical operating systems of the property.

  • +What will my client receive in writing as part of the inspection?
    Our inspection findings are packaged in the AmeriSpec Report an easy-to-reference, three-ring binder. The AmeriSpec Report includes a copy of the home inspection report, a Home Maintenance Manual, a Seasonal Maintenance Checklist, and a variety of home-related services from our ServiceMaster® Family of Brands.

  • +How long does an inspection take, and does my client need to be present?
    The process usually takes two to three hours depending on size, age and condition of the home and any additional services provided. Since the goal of a home inspection is not just to inspect the property but also to educate the homeowner or potential buyer about the property’s condition, it is in your client’s best interest to be present during the inspection.

  • +What are your inspector's qualifications?
    All of our inspectors are trained and certified to meet the highest industry standards. AmeriSpec offers the best education in the industry by combining classroom instruction and hands-on technical training in our state-of-the-art facility.

    To enhance our classes, AmeriSpec uses a complete educational training system developed specifically for us by Carson Dunlop and Associates, one of the most respected names in professional home inspection training.

    AmeriSpec also takes continuing education seriously. Technical training classes are held periodically throughout the year to educate our franchise owners about new inspection services we offer.

  • +Being Present During Inspections
    It is to your client’s benefit to be present at the time of the inspection. By accompanying the inspector, your client will have the opportunity to:

    • See the condition of each key component throughout the house and property firsthand, giving a better understanding of the home and of the resulting inspection report.

    • Ease any concerns about findings which may seem distressing on paper but are in fact superficial. For example, the inspector might explain that inexpensive lubricant can quiet an alarming appliance noise, that an unsightly column needs only a coat of paint, or that the problem causing a water spot has previously been corrected.

    • Save time and avoid frustration by learning about the operation of the new home. Your client may find out how the heating system works, how to light pilot lights, how to turn on various appliances and components, and where shut-offs are. The inspector can also point out maintenance needs and procedures, and explain how and when to check items that need periodic monitoring.

    • Have all questions and concerns addressed immediately as they arise.

    Prior to the inspection, please ask your client to prepare a list of any questions or concerns about the property, and to communicate those issues to us in advance to ensure they will be properly addressed (and that any necessary special arrangements can be made). Please remind your client to bring the list to the inspection as well.